Sophomore becomes finalist for Walgreens Annual Expressions competition


Deeksha Bompada poses with her art piece, “Cyclic”, at a state competition on May 1st, 2022.

Riya Vatti

Deeksha Bompada always found that she could express herself through her art. From the varying colors to the complex technique, art was always something she could use to represent her emotions. With hopes to share her passion with others, Bompada submitted her piece, “Cyclic”, to the annual “Expressions” competition by Walgreens.  

She could never have imagined her work would be announced as a finalist.  

The annual Expressions contest aims to promote art that helps people deal with their hardships. The contest is sponsored by Walgreens Walgreens picks the top three pieces in order to win money. First place gets $2,000,; second place wins $1,750; and third place receives $1,500.

“I am so blessed to be given the chance to be featured as one of the top three artists in the nation,” said Bompada. “I feel like all of my hard work paid off, and at this point, I am very happy with whatever position I place.”

Bompada was able to come up with the concept for her art by looking at her own experiences. 

“With this piece, I took inspiration from the circle of emotions and feelings of hardship I felt through the pandemic, school, and many more things within my life,” she said. “While making my art, I wanted to represent the difficulties people face, along with the ability to grow from them.”

Bompada noted that pushing forward with her art was the most difficult part of her process. 

“There were so many times where I wanted to just restart or throw my piece away, but I knew that I had to keep going,” she said.. “It was really hard both mentally and physically to tell myself to get it done, but I am really happy I did.”

Bompada found motivation through wanting to prove herself to others. 

“When I first showed up with such an elaborate idea, a lot of people judged me and didn’t think I could finish,” said Bompada. “But this honestly kept me going and made me want to show them that I could do it.”

Naina Zakkireddy, a friend of Bompada and an IHS sophomore, admires Bompada’s resolve as one of her best qualities. 

“It takes a lot of determination and perseverance to create something so spectacular as she did,” said Zakkireddy. “In art and everyday life, she has a purpose and will not stop until her work is done.”

Zakkireddy notes that Bompada’s biggest strength as an artist is her attention to detail.

“I remember when she showed me her art piece, and in my eyes, it looked perfect. But in her eyes, she analyzed every little aspect and realized she still had work to do,” said Zakkireddy. “Her perfectionistic nature allows her to reach her full potential as a phenomenal artist.”

Bompada plans to continue to apply for the same event within the coming years.

“With the growth of my pieces comes a lot of expectations and pressure to do better than the last, but I’m sure I can pull off something bigger and better next year too,” said Bompada.