Boutique shopping in Frisco


Addison Williams

When visiting downtown Frisco, people from across the city can enjoy the hometown feel of some of Frisco’s top restaurants, beautiful architecture, activities for children such as Frisco Fire Safety Town, and various shopping opportunities such as thrift stores and antique shops. Additionally, downtown Frisco holds numerous family-owned boutiques that have thrived and continued to make an impact on the city’s legacy. 

Eden Lifestyle Boutique is a local boutique owned by Emily Herbold. Eden Lifestyle offers items such as limited-edition beauty and skincare products, women’s clothing, jewelry, and children’s clothing ranging from babies to toddlers. Eden Lifestyle also features decorative household accessories such as candles, appliances, and furniture. 

Eden Lifestyles, “J. Marie the violent midi dress”

Owner Emily Herbold shares her inspiration towards creating Eden Lifestyle Boutique and explains how she always had the dream of owning her own business with her family. 

“I have been in the retail space since graduating from college with a business degree,” said Herbold. “I always knew I would want to own my own business one day, and I saw a need for a unique business in Frisco.”

Herbold reveals her favorite part about owning a business, and the benefits and hardships that come from working for yourself. 

“My favorite part would definitely be the people. I love serving our community and helping them feel good about how they look and finding the perfect gifts,” she said. “However, it’s definitely a lot of math, spreadsheets, planning, and hours upon hours of work. Working for yourself is very rewarding, but also very demanding.” 

Located on Main Street in The Rail District, Twisted Simplicity is a women’s clothing boutique that offers a perfect mix of bohemian dresses, tops, embroidered jeans, shorts, and accessories at affordable prices. Some of their best-selling items include their druzy heart earrings, floral mix dress, and watercolor floral mix dress.  

Twisted Simplicity was founded in 2009 and recently opened a second location here in Frisco. Twisted Simplicity began by selling clothing online to weekly Facebook group customers and later transitioned to opening their first location inside Spice Village in Waco, Texas. Twisted Simplicity aims to provide unique and stylish clothing, and offers many varieties of styles to all women. Both Frisco and Waco locations remain open.

A look into the Twisted Simplicity store in Frisco.

Mainstream Boutique specializes in women’s clothing such as sweaters, dresses, jeans, cardigans, and more. Mainstream Boutique is family-owned and has continued to blossom through opening up new locations, including their newest addition in Frisco. The boutique also holds virtual shopping events over Facebook live, aiming to connect with their customers both in-store and online. 

Mainstream Boutiques own, “Vintage printed smock neck dress”

Owner Susan Bauermeister gives insight on how Mainstream Boutique was created, and the process behind maintaining a family-owned business.

“Mainstream Boutique is a women’s retail clothing franchise with over 80 locations across the country. It was founded by Marie DeNicola out of Minneapolis, Minnesota,” said Bauermeister. “Her daughter, Mikayla (Mac), soon became a part of the business and together they created our very own exclusive line, Mac and Me. I purchased Mainstream Boutique in 2019, and my daughter, Madison, runs it with me.”

Bauermeister shares what she values most about owning this business, and their goals for the future.

“Our favorite part of owning a boutique is creating close relationships with all of the women. We have such a loyal customer base and always love meeting new faces. Purchasing our clothing, accessories, and shoes that we have available in the store is always exciting,” she said. “Being an owner that is very hands-on, I find it is very important to create these individual relationships. We believe in the power of community and in the value of strong local communities. Customers can tell when you are very  passionate about what you do and this translates clearly.”

When visiting Main Street in Downtown Frisco, make sure to stop by and shop with friends and family in these memorable boutiques. Visit the links below to further explore their online and in-store shopping.