Fine arts holiday showcase


Ashwin Padmanabhan

The Holiday showcase is a large production made up of the IHS Band, Choir, Orchestra, Art, Theater, Royals, and Colorguard. Each department has been practicing since the beginning of October in preparation for the show.

Many of the departments have had some experience performing with each other, but this is the first performance of the year where all of the programs work together to direct a show. Independence High School Band Director Hunter Bown talks about the work the band has done for the show

“We have ensembles featuring only five students who work together and then have work checked by teachers,” said Bown. “ We also have an ensemble that is director-led involving over one-hundred students.”

All of the programs work together in order to make sure the show is perfect. The UIL concert/show preparation for these programs have been another way for students to practice their performances for the show.

Bown talks more about the other events the band has participated in preparation for these shows.

“The football season is such an awesome way for band students to learn the practice and skill of performance,” he said. “We move around a bit more at football games to perform, but the skill of performing music and movement for others is one that we get to develop over time. 

IHS band members performing at a football game

Bown also discusses the impact that IHS has had on him.

“The biggest impact my students have on me is one of inspiration.” said Bown, “Their ability to improve over time in collaboration with others is so much fun to watch. Their creativity and willingness to try new things is limitless.” 

The Orchestra department has similarly been preparing for the show in a variety of ways. Independence High School Orchestra Director Kathryn Sabrsula discusses the teamwork between students and staff to pull off a show of this scale.

“Teamwork is absolutely essential to the success of our Holiday Showcase,” said Sabrsula. “Directors work together to coordinate rehearsals and share students, and of course each student musician must learn their own part so they can support their fellow ensemble members

Shows like these not only require effort and creativity from the staff but the students as well.

“There are times when we as directors are telling students exactly how to play a certain segment, but there are also times when the students get to have real creative input into what they’re doing,” said Bown.

The Holiday Showcase is  December 2-3 at 7:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased here for the first show and here for the second show.