IHS students create prayer club


Suhas Konijeti, Knight Reporter

Students at Independence High School (IHS) can join the newly established Christian-based Prayer Club, a social support club for students who seek to feel welcomed, cared and loved. 

The prayer club is run by students and headed by Junior Analisa Huerta. Club meetings are held every Wednesday after school. The club was established as a secure area for students to openly talk about personal issues and pray.

Nicholine Wagner, advisor of the Prayer Club at IHS, describes some activities that occur during club meetings.

“They share prayer requests, and they read bible verses,” Wagner said. “They also fill out encouragement cards to leave around the campus to make students feel like there’s somebody there that loves and cares for them and to show a place where they can feel welcome and supported.” 

Huerta elaborates on some ways the club members help out other students outside the club. 

“Some activities we do are usually to cheer students up during their school day by writing notes on notecards and handing them out or by asking people about their day,” Huerta said.

Huerta explains why students join the Prayer club.

“Most students don’t want to talk to a teacher or an AP or counselor, because they are worried about their parents finding out or being shamed for their personal problems,” Huerta said. “Some students also don’t feel comfortable going to a church of any kind, that’s why the club is here, to be an option to go to.”

Huerta also addresses how she hopes students might feel when they join the Prayer club.

“Every student that comes into the prayer club should feel welcomed with open and loving arms,” Huerta said. “I want the students to feel like a weight has been lifted and that they have a community of students to go and talk to, that most likely is going through the same problems as them.”

Huerta elaborates on the importance of the Prayer Club and shares her thoughts on why other schools should have Prayer clubs.

“I personally feel like every school should have a prayer club because most of the time in school with all these things students are dealing with, students need a person to talk to,” Huerta said. “They need someone they can trust that maybe isn’t a teacher or an adult or a parent.”

Everyone is welcome to the club, regardless of their faith. To join the Prayer Club, visit Remind @89h9g4, and attend the meetings every Wednesday from 4:25 to 5:00 in Room B118.