IHS senior lands D1 offer


Ashwin Padmanabhan

High School Athletics is a foundational aspect of many of the lives of students and it allows them to focus on different aspects of school besides their academics. For one student at Independence High School that high school extracurricular is about to become their future

Abby Wadas recently received an offer to play Division 1 Volleyball at the University of San Francisco. Wadas goes on to discuss her reaction to this achievement and provide more background on her sports career.

“I’m just super excited and I feel really honored since it’s such a huge recognition,” Wadas said “All the hard work and effort I’ve had to put in is really paying off.”

Abby Wadas hits the volleyball at an IHS varsity volleyball game

Besides just playing at her high school, Wadas competes in out-of-school clubs that really push her to her limit. She goes on to discuss how playing for a club has opened up her possibilities.

“I expected to receive some sort of scholarship from a school, just because of the amount of exposure that you get from playing in a competitive league,” Wadas said “But receiving an offer from USF was a huge deal for me that I’m very honored to receive.”

Wadas’s father, Derk Wadas goes on to discuss her growth playing and what this scholarship meant for them as a family.

From the time Abby was very young she displayed athleticism,” Mr.Wadas said, “By age 10 I could see that she had a real future in volleyball if she wanted it and her last rec. The league coach was very supportive and strongly encouraged Abby to try out for a club team.”

Independence High School Varsity Volleyball coach, Stephen Larwa goes on to discuss Wadas’s impact on the team and how she has grown as a leader on the team.

“She was already good when I first saw her, and I’ve actually seen her play since she was 12 playing club,” Larwa said, “She’s very competitive and holds her teammates accountable. She pushes herself hard which motivates her teammates as well.”

Although Wadas has big dreams to play at a high level, her drive and determination to improve as a player and pursue higher education is just as important 

“I am looking forward to seeing Abby have a fantastic time in a great city with new friends, playing volleyball, and pursuing her goal of becoming a veterinarian,” Mr.Wadas said, “College is such a fun time and I hope she has a blast.”