Art Summer 2021 Art Contest IHS Winners


Shattered by Sophomore Deeksha Bompada

Suhas Konijeti

10 Independence High School (IHS) students were chosen for publication of the Summer 2021 Art Contest sponsored by Celebrating Art.

The Summer 2021 Art Contest is for students across the nation to compete for their art to be published in the book, “Summer 2021 Celebrating Art.”

The contest was open for all to participate, however, only the top 35% of entries were accepted to be published. 

The following 10 IHS artists were selected for publication in early September.


Deeksha Bompada 

Alekhya Vattikuti 

Amy Zhou

Helen Qin


Nivedhithaa Manikandan

Aishwarya Kothalanka

Sumali Junuthula

Erika Guerra 


Tiffany Ling

Samantha Jones

Sophomore Deeksha Bompada describes the moment she found out her artwork was accepted for publication.

“I was walking out to go home from school when I saw the board displayed in front of the art room, that’s when I figured out I had placed a spot into being published,” said Bompada. “I was super happy and surprised at the same time because I wasn’t really expecting anything.”

The art submissions all have a meaning behind them. For example, Bompada’s artwork is called “Shattered.” She states the meaning behind her artwork is to show the breaking through of something, being bolder. In Bompada’s art broken glass is illustrated symbolizing a “breakthrough”.

Bompada draws inspiration for her artwork from those around her. 

The Light in the Darkness by Junior Sumali Junuthula

“My mom influences my whole art journey. She’s actually the reason I´ve taken art through high school,” said Bompada. “She’s encouraged me to be the better version of myself, be it with art or with anything in life. Her being my number one supporter has helped me come this far in my art journey and hopefully succeed in so many more.”

The artwork of the winners of the Summer 2021 Art Contest is displayed in the Fine Arts Hall at IHS.