Rumble returns marking new 2021 school year


IHS cheerleaders stand-by ready to cheer on the varsity football scrimmage game on Saturday, August 16 at the annual Rumble celebration.

Ananya Sirigneedi

Independence High School (IHS) students have returned back to normal campus life for the first time since going into lockdown in March 2020.

The school year started off by welcoming back their students at the seventh annual “Rumble,” filled with games, food trucks, parades and performances by the cheer and drill team, along with a football scrimmage from the Varsity and JV football teams.

Sisters and IHS juniors, Saloni and Saanvi Chandra were excited to be back at Rumble and at school in-person. Both were looking forward to seeing the band play at football games and the local food vendors at IHS events.

FISD adjusted COVID-19 precautionary measures which are located on the FISD website. Students, staff and faculty members do have the option to wear a mask. 

“It’s all new,” sophomore Soumya Dharani said. “The first time I stepped into Algebra I was like ‘Oh my god this is so different’ because you know, the teacher was teaching live. It was such a different experience.”

Clubs have also gone back to fully in-person. Advisors and club members are excited to get back to competitions and meetings after having to be online last school year.

“As far as DECA’s concerned, [we’re excited to] see all the new memberships, and to get ready for our first competition,” DECA advisor and teacher Todd Chiles said. 

Independence started their first full week back in-person Monday, August 16. 

“It’s really exciting,” senior Cassidy Mcguire said. “It’s very different from last year. Last year everybody kept to themselves a lot more, but this year everyone is more integrated and happy to be back.”