Knights softball season recap


Megan Navarro

The game of softball is one where if you fail more often than not — you succeed (if you strike out seven out of 10 times, you might still be an All-American). Driving home resilience in athletes is one of the core values of focus in softball. Players have to be quick in the outfield and run between bases, those who excel in the infield display lightning-fast reflexes. 

Senior pitcher Savannah Williams has played softball since the sixth grade and was recruited by North Dakota State University to play at a collegiate level. Williams chose NDSU because the people are welcoming and the community is supportive of all the sports teams.

Williams walks into every game with a positive mindset to win. 

“I put in a lot of time outside of school preparing for games by going to pitching lessons weekly and attending exos sports training,” Williams said.

Coach Brittany Lee and teammates push Williams and have helped her to find her way into leadership roles. William’s job as the pitcher is essential to the outcome of the game therefore her teammates are always there to support her. 

“They coach with so much passion and love for the game. It reinforces how truly invested they are in me; in return, I give it my all for them!” Williams said. 

Coach Lee has a passionate, non-compromising, transformational coaching style. Lee coaches her athletes hard and watches her athletes grow, as people and teammates, from when they enter the program to when they leave, is truly special to her. 

“I know the impact and importance athletics can have on young adult lives and how it prepares them for future life while getting to play a game that they (and I) truly love. Strong discipline, with needed grace, is the cornerstone of how we run our program,” Lee said. 

Lees teaches her athletes to have a selfless approach to the game of softball. Coach Lee says it can be hard to stay dedicated during the off-season and when things do not go their way, but Lee counts her blessings and reminds herself that she is living her dream. 

“We promote the message of ‘bigger than me,’ with our athletes to help them stay focused on the big picture,” Lee said.

Lee’s favorite aspect is getting to meet, build lifelong relationships, and work with each athlete. Lee sees and teaches athletes that come through the softball program each year. 

“When I am coaching our athletes and watch them compete in what I will always feel is the best sport there is, it never truly feels like “work,” Lee said. 

Knights Softball finished 12-6 in the district and 14-11 on the season.