Frisco ISD receives recognition for music program

Frisco ISD receives recognition for music program

Kayla Moraes

For the fifth year in a row, the Frisco ISD Music Program has received recognition for having excellent commitment and efforts to the music association by the NAMM Foundation on April 8. Independence High School (IHS) along with 72 other schools in FISD have been recognized out of 686 other districts.

Though there are many other schools in the FISD, each one of them contribute to the recognition of the music programs. IHS offers many music classes such as band, choir, color guard, drill team, orchestra, and musical theatre. Each one of these classes include competitions like district competitions, regionals, state competitions, and UIL.

“How we prepare for certain competitions is we will incorporate new things like more rehearsal time so that they can build their knowledge and learn certain techniques, so the students are basically getting vitamins in order to do their best in the competitions,” said orchestra director Lindsey Titus.

Including the students in many competitions and activities is what keeps them encouraged and what makes the music program so unique. Participants are always active and always looking for something to look forward to. Since COVID-19, it has been difficult to continue as many activities as possible. Many trips were cancelled like the spring trip that happens every year for band and the summer band camp.

“Band camp got cancelled last summer which made it stressful to learn how to march because we had to learn it in a week, but we pulled through and we were able to learn,”said Ayla Bourgault a freshman in the IHS band.

Even though some of the activities and trips were cancelled, music classes in the  district continue to push through, offering virtual classes to help students participate in the program and to practice their skills.

“The staff and students are so supportive. A lot of them just want the best for you and try to help where they can, people give advice and tips to everyone. The community is really good and makes you feel safe,” said Savanna Maxwell, freshman IHS choir member.

Teachers that teach music classes at IHS are known for treating their students like family and always wanting to help in any way they can, especially because some students choose a music class each year of high school so they can advance to the next level. The students and teachers end up creating a bond while learning new things. 

The recognition of schools and districts for their music education contributions and innovations shows that even during these extraordinary times, school programs such as the music program in Frisco ISD continue to learn and grow while helping each student and teacher.