Senior Prom: The Knight Gala 2021

Jackson Cole

Near this certain event, girls may voyage for the ideal dress from different stores, while young men cocoon themselves with Axe body spray behind a suit for this celebration: Prom.

The Senior Knight Gala/Prom took place on Saturday. The annual occasion can bring memorable moments, along with your friends, lively teachers, or just going by yourself for the pure enjoyment of it.

The senior class even crowned their 2020-2021 King and Queen. Murphy Brown was named King and Paige Hayden was named Queen.

“(Prom is) a way to say goodbye to the seniors. It is their last ‘Hoorah!’,” stated Ms. Hendry, teacher of Student Council and Algebra I.

At Independence High School, the concept of unity is one of the main principles the school encourages to students and faculty alike. 

Student Council, the group behind the Knight’s Gala/Prom, have put a lot of effort into planning for the event, to unify the student, while taking account of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees saw their project unfold at the Cotton Mill in McKinney, Texas.

“The format of the event is completely different from previous years, and planning with COVID precautions to keep everyone safe made the task of planning a fun event harder, but I think we accomplished it!” said Siya Sakhardande, senior and member of Student Council.

There were also seniors who planned their own “prom” or personal events, with some just going to the Cotton Mill, taking photos and leaving for somewhere else.

Senior Zy’re White is one of those non-attendees.

Rather than the Cotton Mill, White planed on leisure activities in Downtown Dallas, such as taking pictures at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

The Knight Gala/Prom continued on, which also shows another principle that Independence puts focus on: Perseverance; for as which patron 12th-grader Knights enjoyed one of the last school-sponsored events of their high school career.

“Prom is a timeless experience that you’ll never get back,” Ms. Hendry said.

The Knight Senior Gala/Prom took place on 610 Elm St. at the Cotton Mill, in McKinney. Facial masks and social distancing were implemented for the Gala/Prom, in awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the requirement of a picture ID.