The Pen or Hand


Savion Gordon, working on his essay for English IV, in Mr. Lillie’s class. From March 1-March 15, senior Knights in English IV had to write an essay and multimedia presentation, around a current turbulent issue such as obesity, beauty standards, and others. (Jackson Cole/Knight Press).

Jackson Cole, The Knight Press- Reporter

As a hand, pen, or pencil moves on canvases and mediums, from simple paper to typing on the keyboard to any text site or digital program, there is the use of alphabets: Writing.

Writing is used through the basis of self-expression, through genres of fiction and/or logging events, including discussion of issues and countless publications like comics, manga, and or magazines. Alongside the world, writing holds a role, under the roof here at  Independence High School (IHS).

Micayla Prier, freshman IHS band member and GT (Gifted and Talented) Humanities student, has written short stories since a young age, with J. R. R. Tolkein and his novels as her inspiration. Last year in 2020, Prier wrote a short story for Humanities to incorporate the theme of Romanticism into a story or work of art.

Romanticism focuses on individual and/or abstract concepts, researched from historians and critics, including Britannica Encyclopædia.

“I believe (writing) is good for helping to either remember the past or preserve it; even like with writing fantasy, you can look back and see of what people would’ve done things,” Prier said.

Prier also added that she intends to have a focus on writing novels, in the future.

Then, from Independence’s library, Ms. Stone stated the similar benefits of writing as a tool for self-expression and learning while seeing it as a form of art as well.

“(Writing) is a way to organize all that rolls around in your heart, your head, your gut, and craft it into a message that reaches and sometimes teaches others,” Stone stated.

Before the pandemic hit, students at IHS had the opportunity for a creative writing period or a club for student-writers, which would take place for a student’s Advisory class. Stone aims to reinstate the activity or club in the near future as soon as advisory classes are back.

American Studies teacher Ms. Venteicher is also passionate about writing.

Leading the mental health awareness club of IHS, Flourish Club, along with other initiatives such as Knights Watch, Venteicher said that writing has helped with her anxiety from traumatic events throughout her life. She sees it as a method to let out or journal emotions, recommended by her high school counselor in the past.

“The older I get, the more I realize that writing helps us explore so much of ourselves,” said Venticher.

Venticher added that the Flourish Club integrates different writing activities for members, such as journaling or writing feelings down, while maintaining the group’s mission of inclusive unity for member Knights.

Interested members can join Flourish through the club’s code, to the Remind App, or may contact Venticher for more information.

“I think writing is one of the (m)ost powerful tools you can have, regardless of your age, job, gender, etc.,” Veinteicher said.